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UN Disarmament Fellowship Program
In 1978, a decision was made at the UN Special Session on Disarmament to establish a Disarmament Fellowship Program, with the goal of training disarmament experts in developing countries. In 1982 at the UN Special Session on Disarmament, then Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki proposed to invite fellows to Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a part of the program. From the following year, UN fellows started to visit Japan.
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs placed CPDNP in charge of this program in Japan in 1997, and each year about 25 mid-level diplomats and specialists working in the disarmament and non-proliferation fields of UN member states are welcomed to the country as “disarmament fellows.” They visit atomic bomb related sites in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, meet with atomic bomb survivors, and attend briefings on Japanese disarmament diplomacy.   Each year, participants learn from firsthand sources about the horrors of nuclear weapons and of war, enabling them to see for themselves the importance of finding ways to build peace in many fields, including those of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.   After returning to their home countries, they contribute to the revitalization of their own countries’ disarmament and non-proliferation policy, and play an active role in international disarmament and non-proliferation conferences. This program has obtained a high reputation for its maturity and value.

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Seminar of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Issues
CPDNP provides seminar for those who are interested in disarmament and non-proliferation issues. The details of the seminar are only available in Japanese.



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